Points of Contact

ECE Department Points of Contact

Administrative support services Christina Cowan
Alumni, engagement, giving Margaret Noel
Communications Krista Burns
Computer/IT requests help@ece.cmu.edu
Corporate/industrial relations Lenna Cominos
Course descriptions/web updates Leona Kass
Course scheduling/support coursehub@ece.cmu.edu
Employment verification requests ece-business@ece.cmu.edu
Facilities (building issues, maintenance, phones/telecom) facilities@ece.cmu.edu
Financial (DDFR, discretionary, gifts, compensation, labor distribution, fellowships, department budget) Charlotte Ambrass
Graduate admissions/programs Tara Moe
Graduate applications apps@ece.cmu.edu
Keys keys@ece.cmu.edu
Labs labs@ece.cmu.edu
M.S. advising (Pittsburgh) Nesli Ozdoganlar

M.S./Ph.D. advising (Silicon Valley)

Stephanie Caruso
News and announcements news@ece.cmu.edu
New personnel requests (staff, postdocs, research assistants, contractors, consultants, visitors) Meighan Harding
Payroll (TA, bi-weekly, graduate stipend) ece-business@ece.cmu.edu
Ph.D. advising (Pittsburgh) Nathan Snizaski
Proposal submissions, award modifications, grant/contract inquiry ece-ra@ece.cmu.edu
Purchasing, property accounting Kevin Bosle
Shipping and receiving receiving@ece.cmu.edu
Skills verification letter requests Tara Moe
Student activities/groups Bari Morchower
Student/industrial relations Catherine Copetas
Teaching assistants Leona Kass
Timesheets ece-business@ece.cmu.edu
Tours Bari Morchower
Tuition and student account inquiries (graduate) ece-business@ece.cmu.edu
Tuition and student account inquiries (undergraduate) hub@andrew.cmu.edu
Undergraduate admissions undergraduate-admissions@andrew.cmu.edu
Undergraduate advising Rachel Amos
Visas international-scholar@ece.cmu.edu
Web web@ece.cmu.edu
Couldn't find what you were looking for? Meighan Harding