Carnegie Mellon University

Tsuhan Chen

Tsuhan Chen

Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Address 5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213




PhD, 1993 
Electrical Engineering 
California Institute of Technology

MS, 1990 
Electrical Engineering 
California Institute of Technology

BS, 1987 
Electrical Engineering 
National Taiwan University


The word "multimedia" is more than the simple combination of text, audio, images, graphics and video. The interaction among these media, and their interaction with humans, networks, and storage media, are what really make multimedia research exciting. Our research group, the Advanced Multimedia Processing (AMP) Lab, has wide interests in various techniques for multimedia applications. Our current research topics include:

  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: object detection and tracking, 3D reconstruction, video surveillance, 3D object retrieval and streaming, combined vision and inertia sensing
  • Computer Graphics: multiview imaging, image-based rendering, illumination normalization and relighting
  • Multimedia Coding and Streaming: video over wireless, rate shaping/control, traffic/channel modeling, encoder optimization, and error concealment
  • Multimodal Biometrics: face tracking, face recognition, voice identification, and lip-reading
  • System Implementation: hardware-software implementation of speech recognition systems and multimedia codecs
  • Bioinformatics: Analysis and matching of 3D protein structures