Sensors: the new "macroscope"


June 22, 2015

CMU engineering researchers discuss how sensors can be used to monitor the health of bridges, train tracks, and the environment. Instead of placing tiny sensors on every bridge in the United States, researchers found a way to use existing sensors, or accelerometers, in cars to collect data regarding the structure of bridges. By implementing tiny sensors on trains, we are able to monitor the health of the train tracks based on vibrations. Sensors can also be placed on taxi cabs, which allow researchers to monitor the changes in air pollution as the taxi navigates throughout a city. These sensors are a new "macroscope," revealing large-scale things previously invisible to us.

This episode features: ECE professor and department head Jelena Kovačević, CEE Ph.D. student George Lederman, ECE professor Pei Zhang, and CEE professor Mario Bergés. 

Sensors: the new "macroscope" by CMU Engineering is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.