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New Iris Scanning Tech Could Identify You from 40 Feet Away
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Minority Report – like eye scanner works from 40ft away
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Iris Scanner Identifies a Person 40 Feet Away
Discovery News: January 12, 2016
New Iris Recognition Tech Could Make It Easier to Catch Criminals
Huffington Post: January 12, 2016
Iris Scanners, Widely Used By US Military, Could Be Coming to a Police Department Near You
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Privacy and Security In the Age of Tracking, Iris Scanning and Biometrics
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The other ‘Fingerprints’ you don’t know about
The other ‘Fingerprints’ you don’t know about: December 4, 2015
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DailyPlanet, Discovery Channel Canada: November 23, 2015
Carnegie Mellon Today, “Faces in the Crowd”
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Stolen Fingerprints put Biometrics Business at risk
MARKETPLACE TECH: September 24, 2015
No Face to Hide
No Face to Hide: September 20, 2015
The Case for Biometrics
BUILDINGS SMARTER: September 1, 2015

If we go to biometric IDs, will hackers try to steal your face?
CreditCards.com: August 14, 2015
Eye-scanning tech used to track terrorists adapted to help find missing children
FOX News: August 4, 2015
Eye-Scanners used to track terrorists adapted to help search for missing children like Madeleine McCann
DAILY MAIL UK: August 4, 2015
Biometrics Emerge as Passcode Alternative
Government Technology: July 16, 2015
Sorry, Criminals, Long-Range Iris Scanners Will Ruin Your Career
Tech Times: June 4, 2015
New Tech Can ID you by your Eyes from 40ft Away
AllMediaNY: May 27, 2015
Iris Scanner can identify you in REFLECTIONS: Minority Report-style tech can be used up to 40ft away
Daily Mail UK Science & Technology: May 25, 2015
Will Latest CMU Invention Make Fingerprinting Obsolete?
Pittsburgh Magazine: May 17, 2015
Long-Range Iris Scanning Is Here
The ATLANTIC: May 13, 2015