External News

Mesh networking to fill in wireless gaps
PhysOrg.com (United Press International): December 15, 2005

Raj Rajkumar offers insight on the future of wireless mesh networking technology; access points already cover large municipal locations and may also enable vehicles to talk to each other. Rajkumar, Professor of ECE and CS, co-directs the GM Collaborative Research Lab and directs the Real-Time and Multimedia Systems Laboratory.

Design Automation Conference Announces Executive Committee
Yahoo! Finance: December 13, 2005

Diana Marculescu, Associate Professor of ECE, will be a member of the executive committee of the Design Automation Conference (DAC), representing the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Design Automation (ACM/SIGDA). She is the chair of ACM/SIGDA.

Carnegie Mellon to showcase new security research at Taiwanese Innovation Technology Symposium
Government Technology: December 6, 2005

"The new research we plan to show at the upcoming symposium is designed to contribute significantly to technology developments in both Asia and the United States," said ECE Professor Tsuhan Chen, who co-directs the Industrial Technology Research Institute Lab on campus along with Shiaw-Shian Yu in Taiwan.

Bits&Bytes: America need not cede engineering leadership, panel says
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: December 3, 2005

"We need to train engineers...who will be managing, creating and deploying innovation," said Pradeep Khosla, dean of the College of Engineering. Khosla addressed the Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania during a panel discussion on American competitiveness.

That human touch: Technology becomes wearable
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: November 27, 2005

Asim Smailagic, a research professor of ECE and ICES, discusses wearable technology developed on campus, including the eWatch, the Language Translator, and goggle-like headsets, which can display complex information.

Design tools eye nanoscale realm
EE Times: November 14, 2005

Carnegie Mellon faculty presented two of the six invited talks during emerging technologies day at the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD). Tamal Mukherjee spoke on biofluidic microchips, while Seth Goldstein discussed nanocomputing.

Living Roof Blooms on Hamerschlag Hall
Carnegie Mellon Green Practices: September 1, 2005

Hamerschlag Hall’s new green roof may improve insulation and reduce storm water runoff, urban heat trapping, and water pollution, writes Carnegie Mellon’s Green Practices Committee in their newsletter.

Kryder's Law
Scientific American: July 28, 2005

The doubling of processor speed every 18 months is a snail's pace compared with rising hard-disk capacity, and Mark Kryder plans to squeeze in even more bits. Kryder, a university professor in ECE and the chief technical officer at Seagate, co-founded the Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) at Carnegie Mellon.

Snakey Bot Navigates Land, Water
Discovery Channel News: July 27, 2005

Metin Sitti, an assistant professor in the NanoRobotics Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon, is quoted on understanding locomotion in snake robots.

Cybersecurity experts to gather at Carnegie Mellon
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: July 6, 2005

Internet security expert Bill Cheswick’s talk kicks off the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, a CyLab conference with 100 computer security and human and computer interaction researchers.

Researchers work to safeguard rescuers
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: July 6, 2005

Carnegie Mellon researchers Gary Fedder, David Lambeth, Richard McCullough, and Lee Weiss are developing microelectromechanical sensors that will alert rescue workers to replace their gas mask filters.

Imagination on the Move
Campus Technology Magazine: July 1, 2005

ECE Research Professor Asim Smailagic leads a team to develop SenSay, a context-aware mobile phone that fields calls based on your schedule and surroundings.

Seagate research spurs high-tech storage
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: June 10, 2005
Scientists unveil 'clay' robots that will shape our world
The Scotsman: June 9, 2005
Nanotechnology is next big thing in electronics and manufacturing
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: January 21, 2005