MI6 and Q-Branch: A Playful Introduction to Operations Management (OM)

ECE Seminar: MI6 and Q-Branch: A Playful Introduction to Operations Management (OM)

Starts at: September 14, 2017 4:30 PM

Ends at: 6:00 PM

Location: SH 125

Speaker: Dr. Sridhar Tayur

Affiliation: Ford Distinguished Research Chair & Professor of Operations Management

Refreshments provided: Yes

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Many of us aspire to simultaneously pursue these four goals in our professional lives: (1) publish innovative research (2) develop useful teaching materials (3) create economic value in a capitalist system and (4) improve social welfare in our society. I would like to take the occasion of this talk to introduce the vibrant and versatile field of OM by discussing six of my interests (“MI6”) and by highlighting seven startups.

1. Math: From Algebraic Geometry to Queuing Games, from Rapidly Mixing Markov Chains to Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis, from Computational Mathematical Programming to Machine Learning, and more, from our quantitative arsenal (“Q-Branch”).

2. Money: Software entrepreneurship in the 21st century has offered us -- algorithmic experts -- an unprecedented path to prosperity. I will briefly discuss my software company SmartOps (acquired by SAP).

3. Merriment: What’s the point of doing math, making money, improving and saving lives etc if you cannot also be cheerful? I will discuss two startups, one in video game advertising (Massive Incorporated, acquired by Microsoft) and one in on-line fashion rental (Rent-the-Runway).

4. Matching: Continuing on our merry path, I will discuss more 2-sided platforms, one that matches Yoga (and fitness) studios with millennial consumers (Zenrez). Turning a bit serious, I will discuss VocalID that is bringing voice to the voiceless.

5. Mortality: Stepping up on being serious. Using OrganJet, my social enterprise, as an anchor I will discuss how to make organ transplantation in the US more fairly accessible while also increasing supply of organs (using “Nudge” video) and reducing unnecessary organ discards.

6. Moonshots: Everyone should have at least one to contribute towards. I will discuss a startup (MITRA Biotech) in the area of personalized cancer therapy.