Jon Peha

Professor – EPP Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 129B Baker Hall
Telephone (412)-268-7126

Research Interests

Spectrum Sharing

The lack of available spectrum is limiting our ability to make current wireless systems more available and less expensive, as well as our ability to introduce new wireless products and services. This shortage can be addressed through new wireless technologies that allow the efficient sharing of spectrum while preventing harmful interference.

Next-Generation Internet

The basic architecture and protocols used in the Internet are now over 40 years old. New approaches are needed that offer stronger security and privacy protection, better support for mobile devices, and the quality of service that is expected for current and emerging applications.

Vehicular Networks

New wireless technology will soon allow motor vehicles to communicate with each other, and with fixed devices placed by roads. It will then be possible to construct citywide wireless mesh networks from all of the vehicles currently on the road, and use that network for anything from automotive safety applications to inexpensive Internet access for mobile devices.

Communications Systems for Emergency Response

Many lives have been lost because the communications systems used by firefighters, police, and emergency medical services did not meet user needs. New technology could give emergency responders communications systems that are more dependable, more efficient, more secure, and less expensive.

Internet Access in Developing Countries

Can emerging technologies such as cognitive radio bring telecommunications infrastructure that is more cost-effective when deployed in developing countries than is possible today?

 Jon  Peha

Carnegie Mellon, 1991

Research Area

Computer Systems


Telecommunications, wireless networks, internet, spectrum management, communications for homeland security, electronic commerce, developing countries, universal service, security


PhD, 1991
Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

MS, 1986
Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

BS, 1984
Electrical Engineering
Brown University

BA, 1984
Computer Science
Brown University