Gary Fedder

Howard M. Wilkoff Professor – ECE RI Co-Director – MEMS Affiliated Faculty – DSSC
Department Data Storage Systems Center
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Microelectromechanical Systems Laboratory
Office 406 Warner Hall
Telephone (412)-268-8443
Assistant Jacqueline Chraska

Research Interests

Professor Fedder's research interests are in the multidisciplinary area of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and focus primarily on design, fabrication, and control aspects of sensor- and actuator-based systems. In MEMS, micron- to millimeter-size systems with sophisticated abilities to interact with their environment are manufactured through the use of VLSI-based photolithographic batch fabrication methods. Current research activities include micro-sensor and microactuator design; microrobotic control and manipulation; embedded microinstruments; nanometer-scale, probe-based data storage; and structured design methodologies for MEMS. Professor Fedder's group is designing a variety of MEMS, including microaccelerometers, gyroscopes, resonant sensors, and x-y-z microservos, using a unique process that combines foundry CMOS with thin film microstructures. Research in MEMS computer-aided design aims to develop structured design tools and a top-down synthesis flow. Continuing research will study control of large systems of microsensors and actuators, and broaden the manufacturing capabilities of integrated MEMS.

In the News

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  • External Press

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  •  Gary  Fedder

    Carnegie Mellon, 1994

    Research Area



    Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), RF MEMS, inertial/bio/chemical sensors, MEMS CAD, micro-robotics


    PhD, 1994
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    University of California, Berkeley

    MS, 1984
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    BS, 1982
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology