Jim Bain

Professor – ECE MSE Associate Director – DSSC
Department Data Storage Systems Center
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 342 Roberts Engineering Hall
Telephone (412)-268-3602
Fax (412)-268-4585
Website https://www.jamesabain-cmu.org/
Assistant Chloe Mattingly

Research Interests

Information Storage Systems Physics

As Associate Director of the Data Storage Systems Center at Carnegie Mellon, Professor Bain is interested in storage systems architectures and performance specifications, as they set the requirements for storage devices. Specifically, he is interested in how systems specifications set the performance requirements for recording heads - the transducers that must deliver energy to the recording medium and thus change its state in a reproducible way. Within this context Prof Bain has been an avid particpant in roadmapping and workshops on magnetic disk technology, magnetic tape technology, optical disk technology and probe storage technology.

Thin Films and Devices for Information Storage Systems

Within information storage systems like hard disk drives, tape drives, etc., there are core technologies in thin film materials and devices that are used to fabricate heads and media. Prof Bain has an active research program in the fabrication of and characterization of these materials and devices. Specific examples of recent areas of activity are:

  1. Thin film FeCo alloys for high magnetization write poles
  2. Magnetic pole dynamics in high speed write heads
  3. Very small aperture lasers for near field optical and heat assisted magnetic recording.
  4. Field emission assisted magnetic probe recording
  5. Nanostructured magnetic disk media using self-organized nanomasks
  6. Sputtered thin film media for tape using CoCrPt/SiO2 composite media
  7. Cr-SrZrO3 materials for resistance switching applications

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  • Bain Discusses Data Backup on KDKA-TV
  •  Jim Bain

    Carnegie Mellon, 1993

    Research Area

    Device Science and Nanofabrication


    Thin-film magnetic device design, fabrication, and testing; magnetic disk and tape recording


    PhD, 1993
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Stanford University

    MS, 1991
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Stanford University

    BSE, 1988
    Materials Science and Engineering
    University of Pennsylvania