Department Awards

David Tuma Undergraduate Project Award
Recognizing the undergraduate ECE student(s) who created the most outstanding laboratory project during the academic year.

2017: Abhinand Sukumar
2016: Kais Kudrolli, Sohil Shah, and Dongjoon Park
2013: Tyler Huberty, Greg Nazario, and Isaac Simha
2012: Kwabena Agyeman

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Recognizing an ECE undergraduate or graduate teaching assistant who has demonstrated extraordinary performance in our teaching program in the Summer, Fall, or Spring terms.

2017: Neil Ryan
2016: Doru Popovici
2015: Alexey Tumanov
2014: William Melicher
2013: Paul Kennedy
2012: Sergio Pequito

Graduating Senior Awards
ECE offers several commencement awards for graduating seniors related to scholastic achievement, research achievement, leadership, and service to the community.

E.M. Williams Award
In recognition of a graduating senior who demonstrates superior scholastic achievement.

Everard (Rod) Williams was the head of the ECE Department for 17 years, from 1952 to 1969. He was a prolific and innovative engineer, and a pioneer in the use of computers in education. He was also a dynamic leader and a generous person who spent his spare time reclaiming and renovating derelict housing for the poor and homeless in Pittsburgh.  

2017: Chi Chen
2016: Rudina Morina
2015: Thomas Mullins
2014: Paraj Tye
2013: Brian Osbun
2012: Wei Shi

Frank J. Marshall Scholar Award
In recognition of a graduating senior who demonstrates outstanding scholastic and research achievement.

Frank Marshall obtained his Bachelor’s from the then EE department in 1969.  Since then, he has held many different positions at a variety of companies including Vice President of Engineering at Cisco Systems. More recently, Mr. Marshall was a founding investor, board member and Chairman of the board of Directors for Netscreen Technologies, Inc., which was purchased by Juniper Networks.  Currently, he is a private investor and consultant to a number of high technology companies, and is a member of the College of Engineering Silicon Valley Advisory Council.

2017: Wanqiao Ding
2016: Sean Bittner
2015: Ana Beisy Cruz
2014: Dale McConachie
2013: Tyler Huberty
2012: Benjamin Cowley

Frank J. Marshall Outstanding Undergraduate Award
In recognition of a graduating senior who has demonstrated a balance of academics, leadership, and service to the community.

2017: Ana Paola Aguilar
2016: Brandon Perez
2015: Jaime Kang
2014: Niharika Singh
2013: Neil Abcouwer
2012: Neereja Sundaresan 

Doctoral Student Commencement Awards
The two Doctoral Student Commencement Awards are for doctoral students who graduated in the Summer, Fall, or Spring and who have defended by April.

A.G. Milnes Award
Awarded to a graduating ECE Ph.D. student for the Ph.D. thesis work judged to be of the highest quality and which has had, or is likely to have, significant impact in his or her field.

Dr. Arthur Milnes was the Buhl Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He began his career as an undergraduate in London during the blitz in World War II and his career in our department in 1957 at a time when what was then called the EE Department helped us earn an international reputation in solid-state research. During his tenure at Carnegie Mellon, Professor Milnes and his students produced hundreds of papers. He also authored several books and a groundbreaking paper that was included in Citation Classics as one of the most cited items in its field. Professor Milnes received numerous awards, including the Ebers Award from the Electron Devices Society and the Van der Ziel Award for outstanding, sustained semiconductor device research.

2017: Ahmed Hussein
2016: Abhishek Sharma and Shupeng Sun
2015: Matthew Golub
2014: Dragana Bajovic and Dusan Jakovetic
2013: Wangyang Zhang
2012: Jason (Wing Chiu) Tam

A.G. Jordan Award
Awarded to a graduating ECE Ph.D. student who has combined outstanding Ph.D. thesis work with exceptional service to the ECE or CMU communities.

A 1959 alumnus of Carnegie Institute of Technology, Angel Jordan has made Carnegie Mellon his life's work.  His pioneering research and technical leadership helped create one of the first university research laboratories in semiconductor devices. As an administrator, he was one of the leaders who transformed Carnegie Mellon from a local university into a prominent world-class educational and research institution.  He championed the formation of the Robotics Institute and was instrumental in attracting the Software Engineering Institute to campus.    Angel Jordan served as head of the EE Department for a decade, beginning in 1969; as dean of the College of Engineering from 1979 to 1983; and as University Provost from 1983 to 1991. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1986. 

2017: Subhro Das
2016: Ashwati Krishnan
2014: Kristen Dorsey and Joel Harley
2012: Paul Bogdan 

Faculty Awards

The Excellence in Teaching Award
The Excellence in Teaching Award is given each year to a member of our faculty by Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the Electrical Engineering Honor society.  

2017: Aswin Sankaranarayanan
2016: Tamal Mukherjee
2014: Ken Mai
2012: Jimmy Zhu

Joel and Rut Spira Excellence in Teaching Award
The Joel and Ruth Spira Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to an ECE faculty member based on major accomplishments and outstanding qualities and strengths in teaching. Established with an endowment by the Lutron Foundation, this award recognizes individuals who excel in the classroom by helping students learn, understand and apply the fundamentals of engineering.  

2017: Tom Sullivan
2016 Spira Award: Don Thomas

National and International Recognition
(last five years)

NAE Members 
Randy Bryant
Ed Clarke
Bob Davis
Angel Jordan
Takeo Kanade
Pradeep Khosla
Mark Kryder
Granger Morgan
Jose Moura
Ron Rohrer
Dan Siewiorek
Bob White

IEEE Fellows

Bhagavatula, Vijayakumar
Blanton, Shawn
Bryant, Randall
Carley, Kathleen
Carley, Rick
Casasent, Dave
Cendes, Zoltan
Clarke, Edmund
Cranor, Lorrie
Director, Steve
Fedder, Gary
Ganger, Greg
Gibbons, Phil
Gibson, Garth
Gligor, Virgil
Hills, Alex
Hoe, James
Hollis, Ralph
Ilic, Marija
Jahanian, Farnam
Kanade, Takeo
Khosla, Pradeep
Hoburg, Jim
Kim, Hyong
Kovacevic, Jelena
Krogh, Bruce
Kryder, Mark
Lambeth, Dave
Laughlin, David
Li, Xin
Majetich, Sara
Marculescu, Diana
Marculescu, Radu
Maly, Wojtek
Maxion, Roy
Milnes, Arthur
Morgan, Granger
Moura, Jose
Mowry, Todd
O’Halloran, David
Peha, Jon
Pileggi, Larry
Rajkumar, Raj
Ramakrishnan, Bhiksha Raj
Reddy, raj
Satyanarayanan, Mahadev
Schlesinger, Ed
Shen, John
Siewiorek, Dan
Sitti, Metin
Smailagic, Asim
Steenkiste, Peter
Stern, Richard
Strojwas, Andrzej
Talukdar, Sarosh
Thomas, Don
Towe, Elias
Veloso, Manuela
Wasserman, Tony
White, Bob
Wing, Jeannette
Zhu, Jimmy

AAAS Fellows
Morgan, Granger
Angel Jordan
Khosla, Pradeep
Moura, Jose’
Peha, Jon
Siewiorek, Dan
Towe, Elias
White, Bob

National Academy of Inventors Fellow
Moura, Jose’

AAAI Fellows
Kholsa, Pradeep

Acoustical Society of America Fellows
Stern, Rich

International Speech Communication Assoc Fellows
Stern, Rich

ACM Fellows
Gibbons, Phil
Siewiorek, Dan
Thomas, Don

APS Fellows
Kryider, Mark
White, Bob

Kovacevic, Jelena

OSA Fellows
Bhagavatula, Vijayakumar
Casasent, Dave
Towe, Elias

SPIE Fellows
Bhagavatula, Vijayakumar
Casasent, Dave
Schlesinger, Ed

TMS Fellows
Laughlin, David

International Association of Pattern Recognition Fellows
Bhagavatula, Vijayakumar

Carnegie Science Awards
Brumley, David (2015)
Narasimhana, Priya
Rajkumaaar, Raj (2011)

ACM Outstanding Innovation 
Gligor, Virgil (2011)

Marculescu, Diana (2016)

Pistilli Women EDA Achievement
Marculescu, Diana (2013)

ASEE Carlson Award
Morgan, Granger

Am Phy Burton Award
Morgan, Granger

IEEE SPS Technical Achievement
Moura, Jose’
Kovacevic, Jelena

ACM Gordon Bell Peak Performance Prize
O’Hallaron, David
Franchetti, Franz

Pileggi, Larry
Maly, Wojtek

Valkenburg, Circuits Society
Pileggi, Larry

SIGDA Newton
Pileggi, Larry

DAC Prolific Author
Pileggi, Larry
Siewiorek, Dan
Thomas, Don

IEEE Founders Medal
Kanade, Takeo

Kyoto Prize
Kanade, Takeo

IEEE Simon Ramo Medal
Rajkumar, Raj

IEEE Technical Achievement Real Time
Rajkumar, Raj

ACM/IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award
Siewiorek, Dan

ACM SigMobile Outstanding Contributions Award
Siewiorek, Dan

ASEE Terman Award
Siewiorek, Dan

ESDA Phil Kaufman Award
Strojwas, Andrzej

IEEE Magnetic Society Achievement
Zhu, Jimmy

Bell Labs Prize
Lucia, Brandon

FCC Excellence in Engineering
Peha, Jon

Test Technology Tech Council Lifetime Achievement Award
Maly, Wojtek

Pioneering Achievement ACM SIGDA
Thomas, Don

SIGDA Innovation Award
Thomas, Don